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While exploring a variety of other careers for a couple of decades – failed international pop star, telecom company owner, nominally successful screenwriter, sound technician, tech industry wonk – I ended up working in restaurants and nightclubs. A LOT. Early in my foodservice career, I would often say “Someday, I’m gonna write a book called ‘Why Everyone Should Wait Tables for Two Weeks.‘”

Well, I finally did.

This limited release Coffee Break Edition of Why Everyone Should Wait Tables for Two Weeks is a preview of a longer upcoming version, and is intended as an invitation – whether you’ve worked in the industry or not – to share your story. In the expanded edition, we’ll be including many more anecdotes, some from my personal experience as a waiter, some submitted by people like you!

Whether you’ve worked in restaurants at some point or not, some parts of the book may feel downright insulting, and the tone may also seem a bit accusatory, arrogant, or presumptuous. That’s probably just the jaded waiter in me talking. Part of him just won’t die. But as the old saying goes, “if you’re not pissing someone off, you’re probably not doing it right.” Whether you’re pissed off or just have a story you’d like to tell, I hope you’ll share your thoughts.

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