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We learned from pre-release reader feedback that there were bound to be complaints, and as in the restaurant industry, we’re willing to listen. But unlike when you ask for your ranch dressing on the side but don’t get it that way, we may not do much to fix things. But you’ll feel better. So bring on the fact checks, complaints, and grammar bashing here. We can take it, and we’ll probably publish it.

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There’s a very good chance that if you submit content this way, we will include it here on the site.  We may make minor corrections for spelling or readability, or “anonymize” names of businesses or people to avoid slander or libel issues, but if published, it will appear more or less as you submitted it. Have fun with your headline and byline name, but we will need a real name and email in case there is need to contact you.

Otherwise, have fun! We look forward to your derision, soapboxing, and insults!

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