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Should Tipping Be Abolished?

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In the book I offer the opinion that the recent movement toward abolishing tipping in the restaurant industry will lead to the Chipotle-ization of the dining experience in general. While we’re probably a long way away from this happening on a large scale, some high-end restaurants are already doing it, raising prices and paying their service staff the same as the rest of the staff. The typical argument against tipping is that the wage structure is screwing over waitstaff, with some folks – like Slate’s Brian Palmer – resorting to a bit of hyperbole, calling the practice an abomination.

I personally think the dynamic created by having to tip the waitperson is an integral part of the dining experience in America, and that the allure of quick cash from performance-based income is what draws so many exceptional people to the job. In my view, doing away with tipped income for service staff would do little more than homogenize the industry, with little genuine benefit to the workers themselves.

But what do YOU think?

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2 comments on “Take The Poll: Should Tipping Be Abolished?
  1. Crash says:

    I voted no, even tough I’m of two minds on the subject. On one hand- tipping was the reason I could work 3 or 4 shifts a week and live a decent life. When I got a ‘real’ job I could barely pay my bills. Flip side, I’ve spent most of the last decade outside the US. Servers seem happy, sOmega are my friends. Service is good. And now, when I return, I’m annoyed by the constant interruption of ‘can I get you….’

    • Ian Gray says:

      I always viewed it as a sort of alternate economy, where the participants understood that they were exchanging a certain amount of dignity or pride for greater financial rewards than other service jobs might offer, if the worker had limited academic/professional credentials 😉

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