Baby Mama Drama

Server StoriesOne slow lunch, an attractive muscular man asked to be seated with a tense, lovely blond and what turned out to be their daughter.  He seemed very decisive, direct and yet polite. I brought their salads and walked away. A moment later, a flurry of motion caught my eye.  I saw her stomping out with their daughter and approached the table.  He was dripping wet!!! She had thrown a glass of water at him! He politely asked for a towel as I stared open-mouthed. I boxed up his order and wiped the table as he confided that they weren’t together any more and she wished to move out of state and that he had refused to agree to that. He ended up becoming our bartender months later…and I recognized him at once! I promised to keep that story to myself.

Shared By: Rebecca A., MI

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